SEO Strategies

Long term strategies that drive sales and growth.

We deliver customized SEO campaigns that ensure the highest conversion on your website. Our extensive keyword research and creative content execution guarantee your target audience will find you online. We like our work to be 100% transparent; with monthly reports and goal tracking, we make sure you get your money's worth.

Research & Analysis


Getting the lay of the land.

We like to start an SEO campaign by doing an in-depth analysis of the current state of affairs when it comes to your company, your website, your competitors and the state of the industry.

We utilize the latest search engine factors, plus we analyze 150+ on-page SEO factors combined with our in-depth competitor and site report to develop the best SEO strategy for your business.


On-Page Optimizations

Hundreds of small and big changes to your site.

From your content and site architecture to titles and headers, we leave no code snippet unexamined. Checking the usability of your site, it's performance, and the existence of all necessary components for Google to get to know your site.

Content Creation


Is King.

The content on your site guides your users through the purchasing funnel. It tells Google what your site is all about. Whether it's educational articles, blog posts, or content describing your companies competitive advantage, we work with you to generate suggestions and copy that is sure to generate traffic.

From website service and product copy, long-form educational copy, to rousing blog posts that convert.


Keywords Strategy

Defining your traffic avenues.

The key to a successful SEO campaign is a precise keyword strategy that targets and defines your audience and in turn, drives traffic to your site. We formulate a strategy by combining data points from your competitor keyword analysis, keyword mapping reports, and Google's advanced raking reports.

Using all data points we comprise a picture of how to best drive traffic to your site.

Media & Links

Quality Back-links

Digital word of mouth.

Your off-page SEO, which we like to call your Digital Word of Mouth, is as crucial as your on-page optimization. In order to get your content in front of your audience, you need qualified mentions, blog promotions, link-backs, social engagement, and PR to effectively get the word out.

Our content marketers have creative solutions to promote your content to the top.


Test & Verify

Optimizing the purchasing funnel.

Our goal is two-fold, (1) to drive qualified traffic to your site and (2) to guide your visitors easily through the purchasing funnel.

We do this by partnering with you and closely analyzing your conversion path and making the necessary optimizations. We also work on your call to action points to increase conversion in the right areas and track your overall return on investment (ROI).

Your Investment


SEO Plan
$399 per month
  • $599 Initial Investment
  • Up to 25 keyphrases optimized
  • Full On-Page Optimizations
  • 3 Content Assets
Good Investment

Why Black Wire Digital?

We're a full-service firm providing far more than just SEO services for our clients. Since starting 2 years ago, we have generated leads worth $2.2 million in revenue for our clients.

We know how to drive results and our marketers are Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified.

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