We are dedicated to our client's success all while delivering excellence in everything we do.

We’re first and foremost an innovative digital marketing startup. We live to tell stories on whatever medium our customers happen to operate on and our fascination with design is evident in all our work. We relish simplicity and aim to refine our client’s message with intelligent design. From a one-page AdWords campaign microsite to interactive digital ads and fully integrated ecommerce experiences, we’re building rich digital media, day in, day out.

How we got started

Fascinated by the dot com boom of the late 90’s our owner Andrej designs his first website for A1 Plumbing in Boise, ID while still in High School.

Andrej went on to lead a web department for a Fortune 500 company and later worked for one of the Treasure Valleys most well-known online fitness startups.


With more than 14 years of experience in Web and Digital Marketing, Andrej starts Black Wire Digital as a small startup with a business partner. Initially starting in Dubai, with clients in the Middle East and Europe; eventually opening offices in the US.


Black Wire Digital expands to Orange County. 

International Portfolio

Our owners love for travel is reflected in our international clientele. Picking up clients in each continent, from France to Dubai in the Middle East. Our portfolio offers a wide variety of projects coming from various corners of the world and diverse industries.

While we are very much a west coast marketing firm, invigorated by local and regional cultural influences and rich nature to draw inspiration from, we do know there is a larger world out there. If you have international customers, we can help you reach them.

How We Work with You

We lead with integrity. Our number one priority is your success. How we achieve this is by putting ourselves in your shoes. Making sure we fully understand the scope of work, your concerns, financial goals, and current industry standing. Setting ambitious, but realistic and achievable goals is the key to our mutual success as partners.

We understand the responsibility you entrust in us to help you make your business successful and we don’t take that lightly! We operated under complete transparency when it comes to how we plan to increase revenue for your business and then we go out there and execute on that plan. Ask us today what difference we can make for your business.